Allowing your helper to get a new employer in Singapore?

Sign the consent to transfer
let her find her next job in Singapore


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Fill in the form below, and sign it electronically. It’s very convenient: no need to print or to scan.

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Why does your agency need a consent to transfer from me?

As a MOM licensed employment agency, we need to make sure that a helper only applies when her current employer agrees to release her.

Is it free to sign this document?

Yes, it’s 100% free!

What happens after I sign this document?

Once you signed this document, you continue to be your helper’s official employer. It is only after we find her an employer, and when the transfer is effective, that you will cease to be her employer.

Should I cancel my helper's work permit or not?

No, you should maintain her work permit alive!

A transfer is only possible when the helper’s work permit is valid. If you cancel it before the transfer is effective, she will have to exit Singapore. It would be more lengthy and very stressful for your helper.