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We Are Caring enables employers to easily find, interview, and hire a migrant domestic worker (helper). Get started on the simple hiring journey by downloading our app.

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Hiring Helpers

Hire the right helper

We screen and publish helpers' skill sets, employment histories, and transfer dates. Download our app and sign up to view our helper profiles and interview candidates to find the right fit for you.

Transfer Hiring

You can hire a helper who is currently working under an employer in Singapore but wishes to be transferred to a new employer.

Relocation from abroad

If you found a helper located overseas, we can assist with her relocation to Singapore. And if your family relocates with your helper, we will ensure that you all arrive together at the same time to Singapore.

Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP)

We are the only employment agency accredited by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to provide the online EOP, a mandatory course for all first-time employers of helpers in Singapore:

EASY AND Convenient

Hire the right helper
in 3 simple steps


Download our mobile app for free

Discover the helpers' profiles, their experience and even their presentation videos. You will quickly shortlist the most suitable ones for your family


Go Premium for a one-time fee

Get you one-time Premium pass ($45) to connect with all helpers during 30 days. Start the conversation, schedule interviews directly at your place and agree on the work conditions together.


We handle the hiring, hassle-free

Once you found the right helper, We Are Caring agency handles the hiring process in a 100% compliant and ethical way, without placement fees or salary deduction.


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