Our Social Impact

We Are Caring strives to make ethical hiring a norm worldwide, starting with migrant domestic workers in Southeast Asia.

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Our Social impact

We are on the mission to provide ethical hiring for all

Our mission is to provide ethical solutions to global workforce deployment for the benefits of all - the migrant workers, the employers, and the community. We envision a world in which employment agencies worldwide practice debt-free recruitment by not charging any placement fees to migrant workers.

Our Areas of impact

Key Pillars of Ethical Hiring


Zero Placement Fees

We alleviate additional financial burden from both employers and helpers by having no placement fees and promoting a smoother adjustment period.


Great Customer Support

We offer accessible customer services to employers and helpers to promote better employer-employee communication and to ease the hiring process.


Direct Communication

We facilitate direct conversations between employers and helpers during the hiring process to ensure the right employer-employee match.


Empowering Helpers

We ensure that employers provide a weekly off-day to their helpers and we strive to improve helpers' legal awareness and general knowledge.