Always know what you’ll pay.


You already found your helper.

We handle all paperwork.



The only third-party fees added on the invoice are MOM fees ($60) and insurance (from $278)

No placement fee to pay on behalf of the helper 


The new and fastest way to contact the helpers.

Get access to all helpers’ mobile numbers.




Our Care Manager assist you in finding the right helper.

We also handle all paperwork.



It includes Work Permit Processing.

The only third-party fees added on the invoice are MOM fees ($60) and insurance (from $278)

No placement fee to pay on behalf of your helper 

Work Permit Processing

How to start?

You are welcome to fill in this contact form. We'll give you a call back to assess your situation and to present the best way to kick-start the process. You will also receive the list of required documents with some information about the insurance & security bond.

I am a 1st time employer. What should I do?

Don't worry, we regularly assist new employers to successfully hire their 1st helper.

As a 1st time employer, you must pass a 2 hours online course called the Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) before we can apply for a work permit under your name.

We will also take the time to give you some tips and to make sure you have a good understanding of the hiring process.

How fast can I get the Work Permit?

It typically takes 3-4 working days from the moment we apply for your helper's work permit. We'll keep you updated at each step.

Please note that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announces a one-week decision time, but from our experience it usually takes less time.

If I found my helper on my own, can I use your service?

Yes, we'll be happy to assist you if, whether you found your helper on your own through recommendation, facebook or friends!

Our first move will be to make sure that the helper can transfer, by asking the current employer to sign online a consent to transfer.

Is it true that my helper will not pay any fee?

Yes! Our agency does not charge helpers to get a job. We believe an ethical approach is the best garantee to a successful hiring.

Therefore you don't have to pay any placement fee, or 'loan' on behalf of the helper.

My future helper is currently abroad. Can you handle the hiring process?

Yes, in most cases. For example, if your helper is in Hong Kong or Malaysia, we can handle the hiring process. There would be an additional $200 service fee (excluding medical visit and Settling In Programme if required).

Please note that if your helper is in Philippines, we will not be able to provide assistance since direct hiring is restricted.

You are welcome to contact us so we can provide the best answer based on your specific situation.

Do I have to visit your office?

No, we manage the entire process online and we use electronic signature to provide the best level of security!

But of course, you are always welcome to visit us to discuss about your situation, we're happy to offer the coffee 😉

Once my helper starts working, can I still contact you if I need help?

Of course, we are proud to provide great customer service! We are always available if you need any advice, a mediation or just if you have any question.


What does the Premium plan offer?

The Premium plan is the fastest way to engage the conversation with our applicants. Once you go Premium, you can see all helpers' mobile numbers.

It's easy to contact them directly by call, SMS or Whatsapp and to schedule interviews at your convenience, directly at your place!

The Premium plan is a one-time payment for 30 days of access to the applicants' phone numbers.


Are all the profiles displayed online?

Yes. We only display profiles of candidates once their employers sign a consent to transfer, and we regularly make sure that the helpers are still looking for an employer so you can save time by focusing on suitable candidates only.

We don't have hidden profiles and the turnover is quite fast, so make sure to come back regularly to find the right helper for your family!

Can I schedule interviews directly at my home?

Yes, you are welcome to agree with the helper to directly meet at your place or to any other location.

Some helpers may take a taxi to make sure to find your place on time because they don't have a data plan on their phone to use Googlemap. In that case, it is an elegant gesture to contribute to the fare.

What happens when I find someone?

Once you both agree on a salary and on the employment conditions, we are happy to take care of the hiring process and to provide a Work Permit Processing service in a smooth way.

How do I pay online?

You can easily purchase online our Premium 30 days plan and pay via Paypal or credit card.

It is a one-time $59 payment, there is no renewal, right?

Yes, there is no renewal. We are pretty sure you'll find your helper fast 🙂

Full Hiring

What does the full hiring include?

With the full hiring package, our Care managers will assess your needs, shortlist the most suitable candidates and schedule the interviews at the agency so you can quickly and smoothly find the right person for your family.

It typically takes 1 or 2 interview sessions to find your future helper.

Our Care managers are committed to bring the best level of service and are happy to assist you at every steps of the hiring process.

We'll then take care of the Work Permit Processing (it's already included in the service fee!).

And if things don't work out once the helper starts working for you, our Care managers would assist you and provide replacement at a preferred rate for up to six months after the deployment of the helper.

Do you provide a replacement if things don't work out?

Yes! We understand that a mismatch can sometimes happen and that the best solution could simply be to hire someone else. In that case, we are happy to provide a new full hiring service at $295 (excluding MOM fee and insurance at real cost), up to six months after the initial hiring.

Also, the insurance company would refund you between 40% and 70% of the premium you paid for your first helper, depending on when the replacement took place, and up to six months after her starting day.

Do I need to pay anything upfront?

No, you don't need to pay anything upfront.

And this is entirely free if you do not hire one of our candidates. We work on success fee only and we believe in our service.

Is it really free for the helper? No placement fee to pay on her behalf and no 'loan'?

Yes, it is really free for your helper. We are happy to provide fair employment opportunities and we believe that it is the best way to ensure a good employment relationship. Receiving our salary at the end of the month is something we appreciate. It is no different for helpers.

Our retention rate is much higher than the one of industry average in Singapore, as officially mentioned on MOM's website. It demonstrates that an ethical approach effectively improves the satisfaction of both the employer and the helper.

You can always check our statistics regarding our volume of activity, our retention rate and our customer service rating on the Ministry of Manpower's website.

Where do interviews take place? Is it possible to schedule a home viewing?

Interviews happen at the agency on a schedule basis. It allows you to interview multiple applicants during the same session.

When you find someone you intend to hire, you are welcome to make an offer to her directly and to agree together on the employment conditions. This is the best way to secure the employment of a helper, especially if multiple families want to interview her.

Alternatively, if you are interested in hiring her but you are not ready to make an offer yet, you can also invite her for a home viewing so she would have a better idea of her work environment.

How do you screen helpers?

We don't claim that we have the best helpers in Singapore. We apply our own screening methodology to make it faster for you to find the right person.

First, we meet face-to-face with every single applicant and we have a discussion with them. We assess their employment history and their experience, as well as their level of understanding.

At this point, we accept an average of 3 applicants out of 4. The others are invited to register to other agencies.

We then try to identify their skills. It helps us to provide accurate shortlists of applicants based on the family's specific needs.

We also provide profiles with videos and employment history so you can quickly decide if you want to take some of your time to meet a specific candidate, or not.

We sometimes remove applicants from our website if they are regularly late to interviews or do not have a proper behavior with the team or the customers. We also take into account the feedback from current employers.

Finally, we may keep among our applicants a helper who went through a difficult experience and is recommended by an NGO for migrant workers. In that case, we would always inform you of her specific background before confirming the interview. 

Once my helper starts working, can I still contact you if I need help?

Of course, we are proud to provide great customer service! We are always available if you need any advice, a mediation or just if you have any question.


Where is your office?

Our agency is located at 89 Killiney road, Singapore 239534, on the second level of a shophouse.

It is 3 minutes walk from Somerset MRT. We are open Monday-Friday from 9.30am to 6pm and on Sundays from 9.30am to 5pm.

Feel free to come say hi when you are around!