20% off LIFETIME on service fees: our way to say THANK YOU

We came up with the most exciting loyalty programme to show our appreciation for all families who support us. Check the details below!

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We have something special for you

Discover the details of our first-class loyalty programme.

Are you really offering a lifetime discount?


We are always supporting positive and long-term employment relationships. If you employed a helper via We Are Caring for several years, we think it's great for your family, great for the helper and we really want to show our appreciation!

Instead of simply providing a guarantee for the first six months of employment, we made it lifetime so you know that you can count on us at all times!

How does it work?

If you hire a helper with We Are Caring and the employment lasts for less than six months, you are already entitled to a 50% refund of our service fee.

Beyond six months, you are now automatically entitled to a 20% discount on our service fee for your next hire.

Third-party fees (insurance, MOM fees...) stay the same.

In that way, you can be sure to always have the best conditions to hire a helper with We Are Caring. This is our way to show our appreciation and to thank you for contributing to our success.

What are the conditions to get the 20% discount?

A few simple conditions:
- You used our services to hire your helper (we took care of the work permit application)
- The employment lasted for more than six months
- You want to hire another helper under your name: same official employer's name
- There was no police or MOM investigation opened
- You respected the conditions of the employment contract during the first hire (weekly day off, 8 hours of rest day, no salary deduction...)  
- the 20% discount applies on our service fee. Third-party fees still apply.

I have hired a helper with We Are Caring several years ago. Am I eligible to the 20% discount on your service fees?

Yes! As long as you fulfilled the conditions mentioned in the previous question, you are eligible to the 20% discount on your next hiring.

Also, thank you for being an early customer of We Are Caring!

Does the 20% discount apply on your other services like lodging?

No, it only applies to our service for handling a new hiring process.

The 20% discount on our service fee does NOT apply on:
- Premium pass
- lodging
- training courses
- any hiring under a different official employer's name.

Can I get a quote for a new hiring including the 20 discount?


You can visit our pricing page and indicate that you are a returning customer. The table will be instantly updated to display the new pricing.

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